"Sound Rewrites Silents" Now available in Kintop Polish Anthology

Kintop Polish Anthology Vols I & II

My academic article, “Sound Rewrites Silents” was originally published in the journal  Kintop, Winter 1999. The German title is  "Stummfilmgeschichte im Licht der Tonbilder," Kintop 8,  1999, p. 141-158.

The same material, in English, was included in my book, Alice Guy Blaché, Lost Visionary of the Cinema, Bloomsbury, 2002. (In Spanish by Plots Ediciones, Spain, 2009).

The article calls for film  historians to take early sound experiments (that is, synchronized films made before 1927) into consideration because it makes us rewrite the history of early cinema as a whole.  I do just that with the Gaumont Chronophone system, with some reflections on Messter’s Tonbilder.

The article has now been translated from German to Polish and published in an anthology of Kintop Articles, edited by Andrzej Debski and Martin Loiperdinger, with the title "KINtop. Jahrbuch zur Erforschung des fruehen Films”.  It can be purchased here.