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Saturday, Sept 11  10 am – Noon $25

The How-to of Deep Point of View

You’ve been introduced to the basics of point of view. Now learn more about one aspect of it: Deep Point of View. Deep POV is the degree of psychic distance that positions the reader most deeply inside the character’s mind. Deep POV can be written in first or third person. Fiction does Deep POV; movies don’t. Deep POV is the best way to help a reader develop empathy, because the reader is privy to the character’s visceral reactions or deepest emotional reactions. Deep POV works better in certain genres: Young Adult, Romance, and Mystery. This class will cover the  hallmarks of Deep POV, Deep POV in first and third person, Visceral reactions, Free Indirect Discourse (FID) and some narrative theory. 

This workshop is part of the summer-long (and into the fall) Florida Authors Academy writing series sponsored by Murder on the Beach, a fantastic bookstore in Delray, FL.