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Alice Guy Blaché: Lost Visionary of the Cinema
Bloomsbury 2002. 361pp, illus.
Hardcover: $60. Paperback: $25.95.


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Alice Guy Blaché: Una visionaria olvidada del cine

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A novelized biography by Alison McMahan.
Coming Soon.

Anthology published for the 2009 Whitney Retrospective:

Alice Guy Blaché: Cinema Pioneer 


Be Natural (based on Lost Visionary) from Kino Lorber.

The Movies Begin (includes Alice Guy's film "The Making of An American Citizen") from Kino Lorber.

The Ocean Waif, the only feature length film of Alice Guy's on DVD, from Kino Lorber.

Origins of Film (includes Alice Guy films "A House Divided" and "Matrimony's Speed Limit")

More Treasures from the American Film Archives (includes Alice Guy's "Falling Leaves")

The Gaumont Treasures (almost all of Alice Guy's extant films made in France are in this compilation, along with films by her trainee and successor Louis Feuillade and her sometime collaborator and friend Léonce Perret)

Gaumont Treasures Part 1 (includes nearly all of Alice Guy's extant films made while she worked at Gaumont)

Seven Silent Films: Lost for a Century (Includes Alice Guy's film A Fool and His Money, with an all-black cast.)