See Alice Guy films with Live Music in Lansing, MI

Alice Guy


The Capital City Film Festival (CCFF) is a multimedia showcase of independent films and live touring bands with engaging audiences in Michigan’s capital city.  The eighth annual CCFF takes place April 11-15, 2018 throughout Lansing, Michigan. 

The Alice Guy program is Saturday, April 14, at 2:30. Individual events are $5, a festival pass is $50. Here is what the website says about the program:


In La Glu (Gaumont, Sept. 1906) a man feeds two women who are stuck to a bench and glued to the stoop
In La Glu (Gaumont, Sept. 1906) a man feeds two women who are stuck to a bench and glued to the stoop.

From 1896 to 1906 Alice Guy was [probably] the only woman film director in the world. She had begun as a secretary for Léon Gaumont and made her first film in 1896. She went on to direct and produce/supervise almost 600 silent films ranging in length from one to thirty minutes, the majority of which were of the single-reel length. In addition, she also directed and produced/supervised 150 synchronized sound films for the Gaumont Chronophone. Her Gaumont silent films are notable for their energy and risk-taking; her preference for real locations gives the extant examples of these Gaumont films a contemporary feel. As Alan Williams has described her influence, Alice Guy “created and nurtured the mood of excitement and sheer aesthetic pleasure that one senses in so many pre-war Gaumont films, including the ones made after her departure from the Paris studio." Selections at this event include: The Drunken Mattress (1906), The Glue (1907), A Four Year Old Hero (1907), and The Piano (1912)