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Edison's Talking Dolls


After eight years of living in South Florida, I finally ventured over to the “Left Coast,” that is, the Gulf side of my new(ish) home state. Against all expectations I stumbled on a historical site of great interest to early cinema lovers: The Edison & Ford Winter Estates.  Read more »

Cristina in Red - autochrome images from 1913


Cristina in RedCristina in Red  Read more »

Fox Studio Centennial Exhibit opens at the Fort Lee Museum


Our Fort Lee Film Commission Fox Studio Centennial exhibit opened at the Fort Lee Museum April 11 at Noon and runs through end of year - thanks to Clay Rawson the Fox News Curator of Collections.

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Fort Lee Film Commission Wins the 2015 Bergen County Historic Preservation Award


Great News from the Fort Lee Film Commission!

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How New York City looked when Alice Guy first arrived

A great compilation of videos is making its way around the web. Some of this footage shows NYC much as it looked when Alice Guy first arrived in 1907. 

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Brennan of the Moor, an Irish film for St. Patty's Day


Brennan of the MoorBrennan of the Moor

I was out of the country for Saint Patty's Day, but I want to post some information here about a film Tom Meyers of the Fort Lee Film Commission celebrated on St. Patrick's Day: The three-reeler Brennan of the Moor, produced by Alice Guy for Solax and directed by Edward Warren.

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Lost Film Discovered

Falstaff, Chimes at MidnightFalstaff, Chimes at Midnight

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A pristine print of a film that until now was thought only to exist only in a damaged form has been discovered. Falstaff, Chimes at Midnight, starring Orson Welles.

Katy Perry halftime an hommage to Georges Melies!


Katy Perry Star WomanKaty Perry Star Woman




Here's Georges original:


Georges Melies Trip to the North PoleGeorges Melies Trip to the North Pole


Perils of Pauline Event In Fort Lee March 7-8, 2015

Perils of PaulinePerils of Pauline



Did you know the movie term “cliffhanger” originated in Fort Lee? It came from Pearl White dangling off a cliff in the Perils of Pauline series. Those scenes were filmed in what is now called “Cliffhanger Point.” On Marth 7th & 8th and you can watch the Perils of Pauline and see the original Cliffhanger Point itself in an event organized by the Fort Lee Film Commission to honor 

Pearl White’s 126th birthday.  Film fans in the NY area, don’t miss this!  Read more »

Lost Early Disney Film found near Artcic Circle

Disney Empty SocksDisney Empty Socks  Read more »

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