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The Lost Visionary Available now for pre-order on Kindle

At long last, The Lost Visionary will be available on Amazon as a Kindle book. Pub date is August 14, 2014, but you can pre-order the book now here.

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A short bio about Buster Keaton

A great article-length bio about Buster Keaton by Loren Kantor on Spice Today.

Why write about Buster Keaton in a blog dedicated to early cinema and Alice Guy? Because Herbert Blaché, Alice's husband, directed a few films in Hollywood before the transition to sound, and one of them was The Saphead, the first feature film starring Buster Keaton.

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Robert Flaherty’s lost Irish Gaelic film found at Harvard














One thing that is true of all early cinema, silent cinema, and early talkies: without preservation and conservation, the films eventually disintegrate. That's if we even know where they are to begin with.

But every now and then a treasure thought long lost is found again.

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Happy Birthday, Alice Guy!

Alice Guy was born on July 1, 1873, in a Parisian suburb. It was the first day in what would be an incredible, adventurous, and ground-breaking life. 

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Anxiety over the Advent of Synchronized Sound

While doing research for a chapter on the Third Annual New York Exhibitors Ball of  1913 for Inventing the Movies, I had a sudden insight.

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Article about Alice Guy in TV5Monde

Alice Guy in 1896Alice Guy in 1896

Hélène Février has written an article about Alice Guy for TV5Monde. It's a great article, and includes links to some of her most important films. What's most important about this article is that it is written in French, as France and French scholars by and large have proved that the old saying about prophets being rejected in their own country is absolutely true of France.

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British Pathé Archive now online

Grave of Thanhauser Silent Film Star Found in Greenwood Cemetery

Florence LaBadie in Star of Bethlehem PosterFlorence LaBadie in Star of Bethlehem Poster— Nearly 100 years after the death of silent film star Florence La Badie, a headstone with her name has been unveiled at Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn.  Read more »

Two Article Updates on Be Natural, the documentary about Alice Guy

Two articles have appeared recently on the PIC agencies ongoing development of a documentary about Alice Guy, for which they optioned my book:



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Women Film Pioneers Project Phase I is live!

The Women Film Pioneers Project, an database that includes "careergrophies" for numerous early women filmmakers from all over the world, is now live.

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