Museum of Modern Art, NY, to show films by earliest Auteurs

September 9, 2009 ongoing

Who were Alice Guy Blaché's colleagues and competitors?

If you want to see the work of Alice Guy Blaché's colleagues and competitors, from Georges Méliès to Ferdinand Zecca, catch some of MOMA's An Auteurist History of Film. Tonight, tomorrow and Friday at 1:30 pm the program will include MoMA NY screening of Alice Guy's La Vie du Christ  (1906) on a program that also includes Ferdinand Zecca's La Vie et la passion de Jésus Christ (1902). In October you will be able to see films by Gaston Velle, Segundo de Chomón, Ferdinand Zecca, and later on there will be lots of D.W. Griffith.

The show has an accompanying blog by Charles Silver which is well worth reading.