Be Natural (doc about Alice Guy) now on Kickstarter!

The folks at the The Pic Agency optioned my book, Alice Guy Blaché: Lost Visionary of the Cinema, about three years ago, with the idea of making it into a documentary.

They have spent the years since doing a lot of reasearch and getting Hollywood luminaries like Robert Redford and Jodie Foster to lend their support to the project. 

Now they have a kickstarter campaign up and running.


The last good documentary made about Alice Guy came out in the mid-90s and is hard to find now. In the decades since new films have been found and identified (quite a few by yours truly) and preserved. We have also learned much more about the development of early cinematic narrative (as I outlined in my book) and the beginnings of the film industry.

The folks at PIC are uniquely qualified to take all the diverse film, picture, and document elements and put them together in a mesmerizingly beautiful whole. To get a taste of what their final product could look like, see the trailer. But they cannot do it alone. Go to the site, be amazed by their preliminary images, drool over the swag, and DONATE.