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Alice Guy is getting popular on the blogosphere out in New Zealand:

Ophelia Thinks Hard by an actress. And from New York,  and

Women in World by a screenwriter.


'Las estaciones perdidas del cine mudo en Málaga' book on early cinema by Francisco Griñán, wins ASECAN’s “Best Book Written About Film” Prize  2009.

The catalogue edited by Joan Simon for the Whitney Retrospective of the work of Alice Guy Blaché last winter has won the Silver Medal in the 2010 Independent Publisher Book Awards.

Winners will be honored in a ceremony on May 25th in New York City. For more information look here.


That same evening we were going to Seville, hoping to find the ideal Carmen. The cigarette-girls whom we met had, without doubt, inherited the combative character of that heroine, but unfortunately not her seductive charm. We had to content ourselves with taking some documentaries: the celebrated Giralda, the house of Adam, the sultan’s garden and his bath of which, despite my encouragements, Anatole obstinately refused to taste the water. (The Memoirs of Alice Guy Blaché, p. 49)

At The Whitney Museum of American Art Friday, December 4, 2009,